Who we are

We are a group of volunteers with a common desire!
We have no formal affiliation – you just need the desire to act in the ecosystem union movement, participate in our Slack discussion group, or attend monthly face-to-face meetings.

Click here to get more details on how to join XRBR.

At the foundation of XRBR on 02/20/2018 the following volunteers were approved to act as facilitators on behalf of the group:

Presidente: Marcos Alves

Vice-Presidente: Rodrigo Terra

Finances: Rodrigo Arnault

Comunications: Anesio Neto

Academic Connections: Eduardo Araújo

VC Connections: Leonardo Ferro e  Rawlinson Terrabuio

Public Investments Connections: Flavio Mayerhofer

Brazilian Connections: Pedro Kayatt e Thiago Ogusko

Internacional Connections: Priscila Guedes

Diversity: Aline Pina

Operations: Available, contact us.

Tecnology: Daniel Prado

In addition to these activities, we are promoting and developing some regional meetings each with its leaders, also volunteers:

Rio de Janeiro: Aline Pina

Are you interested in helping? Contact us.