At the end of 2017 several existing initiatives to create a Brazilian community of companies and professionals working in the X-Reality (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality – known as XR) market came together.

On 02/20/2018 XRBR | Brazilian Hub of X-Reality was born.

XRBR is a nonprofit association created by professionals and supported by companies in a totally voluntary and passionate way to unite efforts and boost this emerging and challenging Brazilian market.

We are open to all, believe in personal and corporate union and collaboration, and we have the same dream: to connect all the links in the creative and productive chain so that Brazilian companies become the best in the world in VR / AR / MR .


Be recognized as the main channel of national and international fomentation of the Brazilian X-Reality (VR / AR / MR) industry, becoming a strong ally of companies, professionals and public and private capital in the growth and maturation of the market, with increased audience access.


Support the development of Brazilian companies which offer products and / or services in the segments of Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities or new ones that arise, called X-Reality (XR).

Organize, coordinate, strengthen and promote the growth of the sector through integration with the national and international ecosystem.

To foster nationally and internationally the Brazilian creative identity in the segment.

Democratize the access of audiences, companies and professionals to the technological innovations and new paradigms created by X-Reality.


To create a collaborative environment between the members, as well as with national and international ecosystems, promoting maturity, growth, identification of synergies and business opportunities generation.

Promote, in the national and international markets, the products and services of the members.

Support export services initiatives and the internationalization of Brazilian companies through connections with investors, research centers, innovation hubs and development agencies to create specific programs for this purpose.

Support members in accessing private and public investments, national or international.

Interlocution with government and academia to foster growth and develop new job opportunities.

Development of studies and research.